Filling your sales funnel

Lead Generation

The Sales Process starts out by making contact with people who have a potential to purchase your product. They want something you have, you fill a need that they have and they make a decision to purchase. How do you determine what companies to call, who is the correct person to speak to, how to get in to present your product?  Qualify, qualify, qualify.  Who is the ultimate decision maker or who has the most influence to produce a sale? 

There are many ways to generate leads – broadcast or target, advertising or direct mail, call or email – depending on the situation/circumstance one method or another or a combination may produce the best result. 

Trade Show Organization and Management

Trade shows can take up personnel time, energy and financial resources. With effective planning, productive results can be realized. There are many factors that go into a successful show and with the right strategy, a trade show can produce profitable benefits through qualified leads.

Market Research and Analysis

Product mix and competition are two areas that affect how you present yourself and go to market. Understanding how your products and services are important to your client base, and the ever changing environment, requires constant review and attention to keep the bottom line positive. 

Business Development

The Link Between Sales and Marketing

Marketing - presenting the product.

Sales - getting the product sold.

The link between the two can be as short and simple as - present and take the order, or long and complex - multiple meetings, presentations, proposals before the end result is achieved.

Understand where your business is at and what needs to be done to link Marketing and Sales to produce profitabe results.

Connecting the Dots

Pieces of information - disparate or different; ideas - external or internal; patterns - variable or consistent - pulling them all together, recognizing the connections, producing a plan and turning it into action. Sifting through what  is important or not relevant, what is valuable or worthless, what is beneficial or useless requires a thoughtful process to produce a productive result.